Virginia Cuppaidge


“Looking over Virginia Cuppaidge’s work it would seem that although her paintings are non-representational, they are influenced primarily by her experience of the two countries in which she has lived”

Christine France - Art and Australia

Known as a superb and inventive colorist, her work is described as: “A vivid celebration of nature and the cosmos. Ms. Cuppaidge's work has been recognized for "exploring the range of possibilities of an ideal and consummate correspondence between nature and painting"

Peter Selz

“One could say Australian-born artist Virginia Cuppaidge is a painter’s painter”

David Ebony of Art In America 1995

“ Virginia Cuppaidge addresses one of the principle tenets of abstraction: the experience of nature is more than the eye can see - the cosmic realms and the microscopic world also can be realized through abstracted images.”

Noted art historian Joan Marter, professor at Rutgers University

"In the face of this constrictive pessimism, Virginia Cuppaidge’s paintings are an audacious reminder of the potential of the human spirit. Although one hesitates, in such a climate, to use the word, ‘beautiful’ in relation to Cuppaidge’s work (fearing that it has suffered the same abasement as that other absolute, ‘love’) there is no other that will describe the quality that radiates from her paintings for they are beautiful: they do charm the mind and please the senses".

Kerrie M Bryan - Art in Australia 1980

“Virginia’s paintings are sparkling with life”

Sister Wendy Beckett - ‘The Story of Painting’ series for PBS network. Author The Spiritual Now, Art and The Sacred. Universe